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investing in gold

What You Need to Know About Investing in Gold As a Real Estate Investor

Gold has been treated as money for thousands of years and is one of the most reliable forms of wealth, although it’s value certainly does increase during times of financial uncertainty, and then decrease again when the economic outlook appears good.

10% Allocation

Given that gold can be a volatile investment, one that spikes and dips with the whims of the market, it is generally accepted that a 5% to 10% allocation of your investment portfolio to gold is a reasonable one. In the event that the markets perform poorly, in the event of a market crash or downturn it is likely that your gold investments will do very well. And then should the markets have an exceptionally good run, perhaps your gold investments will not do so well, and then you will be glad that only 5 to 10% of your investment portfolio is allocated to gold.


The second type of storage is where a gold dealer services like Bullion Vault stores your gold in their safes, where it is fully insured and vouched for. However, in the event of an emergency it is questionable whether you would be able to access or take possession of your gold. The main benefit of using a 3rd party to store your gold is that the safety and security of your investment is outsourced (at a cost), and when you want to sell, the sale will be pretty effortless as you will not need to deliver the gold. There are other more sophisticated ways to own and store gold but these are two most basic. For most information on gold ownership and storage visit the Gold Money Shop – UK Gold Price.