How A Home Inspection Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

How A Home Inspection Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Being a homeowner is no easy task. You’ve paid a high price for your home, but expenses don’t cease the very moment you acquire your property and you finish the renovation works. Homes require ongoing maintenance that doesn’t come cheap. Once you own a property, you can expect to spend certain amounts every year to preserve its appeal and its market value. The smart way of managing a real estate property is to prevent all major issues by undergoing regular home inspections. This article shows you how you can save big amounts of money by paying attention to your house and by inspecting it on regular basis.

A simple home inspection can save you thousands of dollars. If, for instance, you have a minor leak in the attic, you may not discover it bu accident. Such problems can remain undetected for many months of even years, as they don’t cause any annoyance to the inhabitants of a building. By the time you start feeling the bad smell of mold and mildew, it may already be very late. Getting rid of a mold infestation will cost you a lot more than simply repairing the crack that allows water to get inside your house. Besides, if you breathe in those mold spores for long periods of time, you risk to develop respiratory problems. Restoring your health is also going to cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, small cracks can become big problems. If you ignore the fact that you have a minor problem, you may walk up one day to a major damage that’s going to be extremely expensive to fix.

Termite infestations are another example of situation in which a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars or even your entire house. You may already be aware of the way termites work their way through wooden structures, weakening them to the point where they become unable to support the weight of the building. Unfortunately, termite infestations are difficult to spot in their early stages, as there are no obvious signs these tiny creatures are eating your house one bite at a time. When infestations occur in visible spots, you’ll see some signs and you’ll be able to address the problem rather quickly. However, when these spots are hidden, years may pass until you’ll notice something isn’t right with your home. The deeper the termites dig, the most difficult and expensive it is to get rid of them. Furthermore, the very structure of your house may be in danger to collapse. That’s a major problem, so you can easily imagine you’ll need to spend a fortune to make your home solid again. This is a very high price some homeowners pay for not paying attention to the health of their home.

These are only two examples of things that could go wrong without you knowing that you have a problem. The list is much longer, as almost any problem that occurs in a household starts with some minor issue that’s too easy to overlook. In many of these situations, it is difficult for homeowners to spot these problems, even if they inspect their property by themselves from time to time. Some problems can only be detected by a specialist, hence the need for hiring a professional to perform your regular home inspections. If you don’t believe it, you can do the math by yourself. Search the web for home inspection specialists, ask them for a quote on their services, and compare it with the estimated cost of major repairs. You may already know the result of this test, so there’s no point in wasting time with such explanations any longer.

As you can see, there are many things that can go wrong without anyone in the house noticing it. These situations are more frequent than you can imagine, as many families have a hard time making ends meet by the end of each month. Inspecting their home is their last concern, so they postpone it until things are already out of control. This is why they have to spend a lot of money on urgent repairs. If you are smart, you’ll tackle this problem early on by hiring someone to inspect your home every year. You’ll be happy you’ve done it.

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Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

getting started in real estate investing

I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard that investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do. But have you stopped to learn about how it really works? Most people just assume it’s flipping houses, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Never mind remodeling a house, what about finding the sellers, buyers, and getting all the contracts in place in case things don’t work out?

So, here’s the quick summary of how you can get started in real estate.

Learn about the different types of investors

Ok, here’s the breakdown:

There are three major types of investors (and there are more sub-sections).

Wholesalers are essentially the middle guys that can find a seller who needs to get rid of their home fast, and they find a buyer to pair up with the property. What generally happens is the wholesaler gets an assignment fee, let’s say $3,000, that they put on top of the sales price of the property. The buyer, a flipper or buy-and-hold investor, will purchase with the sales price + assignment fee. The wholesaler makes 3k, doesn’t need to put any cash down, and has helped a seller get out of a bad financial situation while helping an investor find a property to work with. These guys are usually called home buyers.

Flippers are the most common investors that people think about. These guys buy properties low, spend anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 on repairs and remodeling, and turns the property around on the market to make anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 from the sale. While these guys stand to make the lion’s share of the profit, they also take on the majority of the risk.

Lenders are investors who simply provide the funding to handle a property flip. Flippers may use their own money or a lender’s money. Lenders can be private money or hard money. Hard money acts more like a bank in the sense that they have an organization that handles a process for vetting the borrowers. They also generally have higher requirements and larger interest rates. Private money lenders are a bit more lenient on all accounts. A private money loan might be something like $200,000 at 10% interest rate with 3.5-4.5 points (points are essentially a percentage of the sales price due at closing to the lender).

Alright, we’ve got that out of the way! Let’s talk about how to find deals.

Marketing is the key to success for real estate

Regardless of what your role, marketing is the absolute most important aspect of finding houses that need to be rehab’d.

For wholesalers / flippers, the most common methods are:

  • Bandit signs (illegal almost everywhere)
  • Bird-dogs (people who find houses for you for a fee
  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Cold mailing
  • Facebook
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • PPC Ads
  • Driving 4 Dollars (driving around looking for vacant houses)
  • Foreclosure lists
  • Probate lists


Almost all of these methods require some form of up-front investment. The cheapest methods are foreclosure and probate lists, which you can purchase from your county, usually around $20-$40. The challenge with lists like these is that everyone else has access to them as well, so it all comes down to who can get in touch with the homeowners first and who can convince them the most.

Driving for dollars is the cheapest method but not always very effective, simply because you’re looking around for houses that have signs indicating a homeowner may be willing to let go of the property. If you see a property that looks like it’s vacant, unkept, boarded up, super ugly and messed up or can’t afford their repairs, you have a potential prospect and have to start digging to find the homeowner’s contact information.

Each of these methods can be further Googled and you can find a ton of resources on how to get started with them and advice to maximizing the efficiency with each method.

This is the most important part of real estate investing right here!

This is where you should pay most attention:

The absolute most important part of real estate investing…..

is networking.

Yep, that’s right. Networking.

Here’s why:

When you network with other real estate investors, you build relationships where you know who your buyers are, your lenders, your property suppliers, and other wholesalers.

It doesn’t matter if these people do the same thing you do. That’s because joint-ventures in real estate are super common. You may be wholesaling and have a property, yet you’re having a hard time finding a buyer. Then you meet with another wholesaler who has exactly the buyer you’re looking for, and now you JV the property, split the profits, and everyone makes money and walks away happy.

Networking in real estate also lets you find people that would be willing to help and teach you. The real estate community is more about helping each other finding financial independence. If everyone helps each other, everyone wins.

How do you network?

Look for local meetup groups, REIA groups (real estate investor association), and monthly or weekly gatherings. Any major city will have a bunch of these events happening all the time. This is where you need to be if you’re getting started in real estate investing. Even if you’re brand new, they always have some presentations on teaching newbies and people are always willing to share their experience.

Here’s a video from Flip Man about building a list of cash buyers for wholesalers:


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Maximizing Dollars Isn’t Always Most Important

Owning a home can be really exhausting, especially if there are things wrong with it and it’s just draining your bank account over and over. It might be time to talk to someone who can get you out of it quickly, like a real estate investor.

To learn about selling to a real estate investor, check out this video: You can also check out the channel at

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Run Your Finances Like Businesses

Keys to Financial Success

Successful businessmen who are struggling with their personal finances seem to be a mystery. Somehow, such individuals show brilliance in growing and starting a business, yet do the opposite when it comes to growing and managing their own net worth.
For you to get your personal finances on the right track, you don’t need to learn about a new set of skills. Instead, it is teaching yourself that everything you do in your business works like in your personal finances. Whether or not you own a company, the principles that are associated in the success of your business may go a long way toward helping you reach your goals.

Successful Business Owners Always See the Big Picture

One of the qualities of successful business owners is that they have already figured out what works well. Aside from that, they are also armed with knowledge and they throw most of their resources and energy in that direction. To break this down a bit further, business owners are the masters at assessing, prioritizing, and restraining. If you will be able to learn to implement such principles in your own personal finances, you will be on your way toward financial freedom.

Prioritizing Money

Prioritizing means that can look at the finances, discern what keeps your money flowing in, and ensure that you stay focused on such efforts. For many people, it’s going to be about your main place of employment. In a practical sense, it means guarding the cash flow through striving to be the best possible employee, being a team player or taking advantage of the opportunities for growth and training. This also means changing some other jobs if the one you are in is not compensating you enough for your talents, passions, and skills. In other words, prioritizing means paying importance to the crucial contributor of your financial health.

Assessment is also a key skill that keeps every business owner from spreading himself too thin with some promising opportunities. A lot of good businesses have died due to the reason that their management tried doing too quickly and too much. The same applies to ambitious people who have a list of the ideas about some ways they hit it big, whether it’s an investment or side business idea. While there’s definitely a place to investigate new opportunities, running your personal finances like a business means stepping back and assessing the possible benefits and costs of any idea and the possible cost as well as strain placed on the most important priorities like family and job.

Restraint is that the final big-picture skill of successful business owners that should be applied to personal finances. Financial planners also sit down with successful people who still manage to spend more than what they make.
If you learn to restrain spending on assets that won’t bring you wealth until after you have met your debt reduction goals or monthly savings is important in establishing net worth. Regardless of how much sense purchases make for companies, business owners know if they do not spend less than what they have earned and it is a matter of time before going out of business. Your personal finances aren’t different from this.

An aside note. I like gold and silver during times of financial certainty. Here is my resource for gold and silver.

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Alternatives To Real Estate

investing in gold

Real estate is a great industry to get into for long-term investment or short-term gains. But there are alternatives that can yield just as much for the short and long term, and have stood the test of time. You might want to check out our alternatives to real estate – gold investment & bullion insurance. Done correctly, it can be a great addition to your investment portfolio and help balance out your risk!

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Importance of Online Marketing For Real Estate Investors

The most common methods of lead generation for investors includes probate and foreclosure lists, divorces, vacancies, heavily damaged homes, bandit signs, and more. Despite all these methods, there is one that is often overlooked – online marketing. There’s huge impact with lead generation via Facebook ads and organic search. In particular, the easiest to achieve (but arguably more costly) is organic traffic via Search Engine Optimization. Having leads that are searching for a cash for home business coming directly to you is much easier than prospecting and door knocking. Houston is a great market for real estate investors and, in particular, organic traffic. Check out this Houston company’s methods tips for finding a proper SEO company to work with you.

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Working With A We Buy Houses San Bernardino Service

A good we buy houses San Bernardino service will get you the best price for your home no matter what shape it’s in. Finding the right service is not that difficult to do. You just have to know how to use the internet to do your research.

The company needs to have a reputation that is good. You can find out a lot about a company if you look them up online to see what reviews are saying about what they have to offer. You can generally find a lot of great information if you type in the name of the company and the word reviews using a search engine type of website. If they have been around for a while, chances are they have some reviews up about their company. If not, then that means they haven’t done such a bad job that they had people complain about them.

The shape your home is in is going to influence the price you get for it. If you can fix it up a little, that may be for the best if you want more money out of it. A we buy houses company in San Bernardino is going to send someone out to check out what’s going on with the home. You can expect them to look over everything so they know what they can pay for it. Don’t worry, however, if it’s in bad shape because most companies will still buy it from you at a lower price.

Think about how much time you’re going to save if you work with a company that buys homes for cash. When you sell your own home, you have to deal with buyers and it can be exhausting. If you work with a company, they take care of everything and they just give you your cash once they are done looking at the home and giving you a price on what they can offer. Either way you look at it, this can be better than selling it yourself because you won’t have to spend many days to many weeks trying to find a buyer.

A home doesn’t have to be in the best shape to get sold. Think about how much it’s going to cost for you to make it into a livable house, and if it’s not worth if you can still sell it. You can’t expect to get much for it, but that’s okay if you think of all the work you can avoid having to do to make it into a nicer place. Sometimes you’re wasting money if you do some work on the home because you won’t get that much more for it in some cases.

Once you find a good we buy houses San Bernardino service, you’ll know it. You’ll be able to get top dollar for the home and won’t have to worry about all of the things that go with selling a home to a private party.

Check out Sell My House Easy Fast for a quality cash for home service.

Visit our homepage to catch more updates on investment information and opportunities!

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What About East Coast Real Estate?

While we’re focusing mostly on SoCal real estate, there’s also plenty of opportunity in other areas, including the east coast. In particular, the Charlotte market is beginning to boom (and not just in real estate). For people looking to sell their homes, you can direct them to this page on what to look for when scouting cash for home companies. Check it out here.

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